Duke Nukem Forever demoed live

The gaming world has been waiting years for Duke Nukem to return from the shadowy depths from which it sunk. In 2009, when 3D Realms announced the end of their quest to produce a Duke Nukem sequel, fans across the world tore their garments and cried tears of bitter anguish. There seemed to be no hope in sight.

But then, in 2010, Gearbox Software came to the rescue. Resurrecting the Duke project from the dead, the company would announce that Duke Nukem Forever was real--so real, that it would be released in 2011. Last month, Twitter was taken by storm as Duke Nukem Forever became the trendiest thing discussed. News of its completion left the gaming world reminiscing the good ol' days in front of their Pentium Pro powered PCs, clicking away at their roller-ball mice, screaming "Hail to the King; Baby!," as they tried making pixilated night-club strippers take off their tops.

Upon the official announcement, Gearbox knew they had a winner.

In Amsterdam this past weekend, Gearbox showed off a live demo of Duke Nukem Forever. The demo was played on the Xbox 360 and began with Duke relieving himself at a urinal (classic). The game seems to provide a constant flow of comic relief, such as Duke's health meter being labeled "EGO." They even showed off a pretty intense fight scene. To see the gameplay for yourself, watch the video below.

There were rumors swirling around that pegged DNF's release date as February 1st. However, according to Kotaku, Gearbox claims the date was was just a placeholder.

WARNING: This video contains elements that are NSFW.

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