EmojiWorks unveils $100 physical emoji keyboard for Windows, OSX and iOS

no middle finger?

Emojis have become a big part of how some of us communicate on a daily basis. Rather than type out a boisterous "LOL", we can now insert a "" that is capable of expressing much more than the three previous characters ever could. While graphical smileys and art have been around for quite some time, they didn't really take off globally until Apple's inclusion in iOS.

What you see above is the latest product from a company called EmojiWorks. They have created a physical keyboard that will give you quick access to emoji characters while typing on a computer or iOS device. The keyboard is wireless and EmojiWorks will offer three different options for their keyboard, that you can currently preorder.

The $80 base model will offer 47 emojis, the $90 mid-tier unit will offer 94 emojis, while the top-tier $100 model will offer 120+ emoji characters. Currently, the keyboard will support OSX, iOS and Windows 10. Windows 10 support is currently in beta, meaning that the latest batch of emojis will not be supported. EmojiWorks states that they will make these available once they have updated their software for Windows 10.

Source: EmojiWorks via The Verge

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