Hands-on with Razer's gaming tablet, Fiona

We fell in love the instant we first laid eyes on Fiona, a gaming tablet made for something other than Angry Birds. Razer had a prototype on display at CES, but it was behind glass and inaccessible until we sweet-talked our way into a private meeting with the lead engineer of the device. Not only did we get a sneak peek demo of the device in action, but we even got to test drive it for awhile.

The specs, as reported earlier, are currently vague. It has an Intel i7 processor, a touch screen, and is running a standard version of Windows, but after that we don't have many specifics. What we did learn was that the battery life on the device is expected to be roughly two hours. Initially that sounds terrible, but when considering the power that's under the hood, it actually sounds pretty good.

One of the biggest selling points is the fact that developers don't need to code anything specific to work with Fiona; it's basically a standard PC in a non-standard package. The prototype looks large, but is actually very easy to hold and the controllers on either side are easy to use. It really seemed easier to hold for longer periods of time than a standard tablet becaue of the attached controllers. A docking port on the bottom can be used for various functions, such as a keyboard/mouse combo or a standard dock. In addition, a keyboard and mouse can be connected via Bluetooth.

Razer is currently looking for feedback from gamers to tell them what looks good in addition to what improvements should be made, so feel free to speak up in the comments section. If Fiona does turn into a real product, the company hopes to sell it for $999 or less. Catch the entire interview, including real game footage, below.

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