Facebook's Poke app could be a result of Snapchat staying independent

When Facebook unveiled its Poke app, a lot of people responded with confusion. If the worlds largest social network already has a solid system for communication, why do they need another one? You could draw some comparisons to Facebook Camera; that short-lived app that briefly pre-dated Facebooks Instagram buyout.

Softpedia suggests theres a deeper reason for Pokes production, and it comes down to a bruised ego. Facebook tried to buy out Snapchat, and the smaller company refused to bow down to the bigger social network. Snapchat, for anyone wondering, is basically the 10MinuteMail of the instant messaging world. Send a message and after it arrives with a recipient, it self-destructs.

The idea obviously isnt guaranteed, but it would be a fascinating glimpse into how Facebook operates. With the social network having enough money to throw a billion Instagrams way, Snapchats refusal to bow down had to sting a little.

Were not going to tell you that this is certain, but if its true, it means Poke was built for Android and iOS in 12 days. We wouldnt put money on Facebook talking about the development process, so we might never know conclusively.

Source: Softpedia

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