GoG.com gets new update and offers free game

The GoG.com web site is getting more and more popular with its selection of classic PC games available for download that are (mostly) under $10 and are all free of any DRM set ups. Today the site launched a major technical update that added new features and also lets people download a game completely for free.

First, let's talk about the actual update. GoG.com users can now access a new version of the game's download system. Created from scratch, the downloader will allow for multithreading support which should make downloading games faster for its users. It will also allow for better downloading of large files and also has an automatic error checker. If you don't care for using the new downloader application, don't worry; it's purely an optional choice.

Also added to GoG.com in this update is a new personal message system that's described as a mix of instant messaging and private messaging. It's also an optional service. There's also an improvement to the GoG.com checkout system, an easier to use system for coupons and improved support for new browser versions.

Oh, and there's the free game you can download right now. It's a Dungeons and Dragons based point-and-click adventure game called Dragonsphere. Released way back in 1994 by now defunct publisher Microprose, the game has you as the new King Of Callahach who must defeat the evil magical forces of the Sorcerer Sanwe. GoG.com is also getting ready for the release of The Witcher 2, the first game on the service that isn't a "classic" title but an all new game from its parent company CD Projekt. The version of The Witcher 2 on GoG.com will also be the only way to get a DRM free version of the game which will be coming out on May 17.

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