Google has removed the Pixel C from its online store

Google launched the Pixel C back in September 2015, and today, the device is finally reaching the end, with it being removed from the Google Store. As of right now, it's still supported with the latest version of Android, 8.1 Oreo, although it's unclear how much longer it will receive updates. Google doesn't have it listed among the other Nexus and Pixel devices on its end of life page, although these things typically last a little over two years.

The Pixel C has always been the oddball of the Google device family. Many reports have indicated that the company originally designed it to run Chrome OS, but being unable to optimize the OS for a touchscreen in time, shipped it with Android. With a full desktop OS, it would have been a Surface Pro competitor, but without it, it was just another tablet with a keyboard.

While Google discontinued the 32GB model a while ago, it was the 64GB one that was pulled today, and it was priced at a surprising $599.

What's interesting, though, is that the company hasn't offered a replacement for the device. Android tablets have always held an awkward place in the world of devices, but there's always been a Nexus or Pixel tablet for users to buy if they want one. Perhaps Google is now focusing on convertible Chromebooks that can be used as tablets, as they run Android apps now.

Source: Google Store via Android Police

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