Google: No minimum processor requirement for Honeycomb

Rumours of devices being left behind to gather dust as the Android platform charges ever forward seem to follow each and every update to Google's mobile OS - and Android 3.0 ''Honeycomb'' is no exception.

Even before Google accidentally outed the new, ''Entirely for Tablets'' mobile OS, PCMag was on the case, citing the managing director of a Korean electronics firm who claimed Honeycomb would not run on anything less than a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

Two days later, ZDNet's Christopher Dawson added fuel to the fire, citing ''reports from hardware manufacturers out of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show'' confirming that a dual-core processor would be the absolute minimum for devices looking to get a taste of Google's latest sweet-themed offering.

''What about the Samsung Galaxy Tab or those cheap Chinese tablets that tech junkies have grabbed up as disposable iPad alternatives? They’re stuck at Android 2.3 if they’re lucky enough to get a system update or savvy enough to root the device and upgrade themselves,'' he said.

Perhaps sensing the same sort of rumour-storm that built up following the release of Android 2.3 ''Gingerbread'' for phones, Android Open-Source & Compatibility Program Manager Dan Morrill weighed in - or rather, tweeted in - earlier today and put any fears of a dual-core minimum to rest.

'"Random note: there's no hard minimum processor requirement for Honeycomb. Trust me, if there were I'd know,'' he wrote.

While there's still no word on any other hardware requirements for Honeycomb, Samsung Galaxy Tab owners should be able to breathe easy - for the moment, at least.

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