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Google Search now provides more helpful energy crisis information in Europe

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Google is rolling out helpful information to its search results to help people with the energy crisis in Europe. With the new tools, you’ll see articles about the situation, local information including any financial assistance that’s available, and recommended actions you can take to conserve energy from the International Energy Agency.

Google energy crisis info

Google decided to implement these features after it noticed related search results balloon across Europe. Even before the war in Ukraine, Russia was already playing around with gas supplies, causing prices to rise across the continent. In response to the war, the European Union has significantly reduced its use of Russian gas, this has exacerbated prices too, but for now, governments are helping with price caps and financial assistance.

The new feature is rolling out in 29 countries and 22 languages across Europe, so people can find relevant information for where they live. To see the new feature in action, just search for something like ‘Europe energy crisis’ or ‘energy price’ and you’ll get a bunch of resources about the situation to inform and help you.

Earlier this year, Google also expanded its eco-friendly routing on Google Maps. Following these routes will help you save fuel and money, all while reducing damaging emissions. With fuel prices still being high, saving money here could make it easier to pay higher energy bills.

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