GoPro to launch Xbox 360 and Xbox One apps; will show videos and sell cameras

Soon you will be able to buy GoPro cameras directly from your couch.

Fans of the sports themed mounted cameras from GoPro will have a new way to not only view videos made with the devices but an extra outlet to buy the devices themselves. GoPro has announced plans during CES 2014 to launch GoPro apps for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One game consoles.

Polygon reports that the apps will show curated videos that have all been shot with GoPro cameras, and will display the specific hardware and accessories that were used to shoot each clip. The apps will then allow users to actually buy the GoPro devices used to make the videos from the comfort of their couch and through their game controllers.

The Xbox 360 app will be released first, sometime later this spring, followed sometime later this year by the Xbox One version. While both consoles sell digital content like games, videos and music, the GoPro app will be one of the few created for Microsoft's consoles that will allow for sales of physical items to consumers. In 2013, the Xbox 360 started letting people order pizza via the Pizza Hut app.

Source: Polygon | Image via GoPro

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