Order a pizza on your Xbox 360, thanks to Pizza Hut app

There's a chance that, during an extended session of BioShock Infinite on your Xbox 360, you might be craving a delicious pizza, and let's be honest: who can be bothered to find a computer, or pick up a phone to get that pizza delivered to your house. Now, thanks to a brand new app from Pizza Hut, you won't have to leave your couch to get that pizza on your doorstep.

The Pizza Hut for Xbox app allows customers to order a pizza from the entire range available in Pizza Hut stores, including other items such as breadsticks and pasta. You can use your Kinect to customize a pizza if you so choose, using hand gestures and voice commands to pile on the perfect combination of toppings. After making the perfect order, you can link up your PizzaHut.com account to save it for future orders, and even share your order with your friends through Facebook integration.

The app was developed in a partnership between Microsoft and Pizza Hut, with Xbox's Larry Hyrb saying "Pizza Hut is a recognized brand that matches up well with the Xbox brand". It'll be available on your Xbox 360 on April 23rd, with Pizza Hut offering 15% off your first order using the app up until May 6th. At this stage it appears as though the app will only be available for Pizza Hut in the United States, but we hope it'll eventually come to international customers as well.

Source: Polygon

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