Huawei WiFi Q2 package spreads a signal over your whole house

Wi-Fi routers are getting more technical - and reliable - these days, but a recurring problem always seems to be dead zones in a large home. Huawei is the latest company to try to solve that issue with its WiFi Q2 mesh network system.

The Q2 devices plug into an ordinary wall socket and link up with each other via the electrical wiring at gigabit speeds as well as Wi-Fi, offering a combined speed of up to 1.867 Mbps. That's certainly pretty quick, leaving the user's home Internet connection as the only limitation, which still mostly hover around the 10-20Mbps range. The Q2 is designed to connect up to 192 different devices at the same time and support up to 16 hotspots. Using this single Wi-Fi network allows 100ms switching time between units to offer a seamless transition if moving about the house. The system also adds Wi-Fi encryption and password protection.

There are currently two multi-device packages available. The first offers three base stations that are capable of covering five to seven rooms in a home. The base station and two repeater package will cover four to five rooms. You will also be able to get a base station or satellite unit separately.

“We are streaming more content than ever before, more music, more movies, and more social media on more connected devices, which makes fast and reliable Wi-Fi an essential need,” CEO Richard Yu said in a press release. “The Huawei WiFi Q2 offers today’s families a hybrid whole home Wi-Fi system with a reliable, flexible solution that expands Wi-Fi throughout our homes.”

The company has offered no timeframe on when the system will be available, but CNET is reporting that the three base units will cost $349.99, while a base and two repeaters will cost $219.99.

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