IE 10 default "Do Not Track" feature under attack by advertisers in crappy video

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview would have "Do Not Track" enabled by default. While Microsoft said that the feature can be disabled by IE 10 users if they wish to, the online advertising industry had an adverse reaction to this move. The Digital Advertising Alliance said that Microsoft's decision may "reduce the availability and diversity of the Internet products and services that millions of American consumers currently enjoy at no charge."

Now LUMA Partners, an investment bank, has produced a YouTube video that also slams the "Do Not Track" feature in IE 10. The video shows a "map" of the digital advertising industry being eaten up, Pac-Man style, by the IE logo. The video claims the online ad industry should fight this move, claiming that Microsoft's decision could cost thousands of US jobs. It even compares the fight against "Do Not Track" to SOPA.

The video, which most likely had a production budget of $14.00, is amateur at best. The quality of the video makes it hard to take the claims seriously and it does little to draw sympathy for the group. 

LUMA Partners, under the guidance of its founder and CEO Terence Kawaja, have a history of making these kinds of videos. However, we do think that comparing the digital ad agency's issues with "Do Not Track" with SOPA is perhaps stretching things a bit.

Via: Business Insider
Source: YouTube

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