IE and Chrome still on top in web browser wars

In the web browser wars, Microsoft and Google are still the top alpha dogs. New information shows that the two companies command the vast majority of the the PC web browsing market share, while Mozilla's Firefox continues to be a distant third.

New information from StatCounter from the month of October shows Chrome with 34.77 percent of the web market share, with all of the versions of IE accounting for 32.08 percent. Firefox is well behind with 22.32 percent.

Information from another source, Net Applications, shows that for October, IE 8 had a worldwide PC market share of 24.50 percent, followed by IE 9 with 20.11 percent. Chrome 22 is third with 15.02 percent, and Firefox 15 is fourth with just 7.82 percent. Net Applications and StatCounter use different methods to come up with their statistics.

Net Applications does claim that in October, the amount of web browsing from mobile devices increased above 10 percent for all web browsers for the first time. The company said that mobile web browsing was just 8.94 percent in September but went to 10.29 last month. It claims that we will see even more web browser usage coming from devices such as smartphones and tablets, including the new Surface device.

Source: StatCounter | Image via StatCounter

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