Mac users get new version of Windows Phone sync app

Mac owners with Windows Phones have been able to sync up their devices via Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Connector app for a while now. With the launch of Windows Phone 8, as well as new smartphones, Microsoft has quietly revamped their Mac sync app, which also has a new name: Windows Phone.

Besides a new, and very generic, name, the 3.0 version of the app supports the new Windows Phone 8 devices coming from Nokia, Samsung and HTC. It also allows Mac systems to charge up Windows Phone 8 smartphones and adds the ability to drag and drop any files between your Windows Phone and your Mac.

Windows Phone 8 smartphones will also get some kind of improved capacity support for ringtone files with the new app. Finally, if you happen to own one of those fancy Macs with the high res Retina display, the new Windows Phone app should support those screens.

It's good to know that Microsoft is aware that there is an audience for Windows Phone 8 smartphones for people who might prefer Macs to Windows PCs and this new app should please those Mac fans out there.

Source: Mac App Store | Image via Microsoft

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