Instant messaging apps could be monitored in the UK under new 'Snoop' law

The UK government is in the process of finalizing the Snooper's Charter that will bring all online communication of its citizens under the government's scanner, and apps that do not adhere to it will likely face bans.

It was reported recently that the UK government has granted contracts to five companies to monitor the social media activity of its citizens, but things might become even worse in the near future if the proposed Communications Data Bill is passed as law.

In order to track terrorist activity and prevent threats, the UK government has proposed the Communications Data Bill - aka the Snooper's Charter - that will make it mandatory for internet service providers to monitor the online activity of their users and keep logs of such data for 12 months. The law also recommends the monitoring of communication apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat among many others.

However, as these apps make use of encryption, it isn't possible for the government to snoop on the messages that are sent, and the new law will require the developers to make provisions for accessing the transmitted data. Failing to do so could result in a ban on the app.

There are a few weeks until the draft is put to parliament, but many believe that it will be passed and become a law by 2016.

Source: Metro

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