Intel builds servers, block by block

Intel is releasing several "building blocks" to make it easier for business partners to build servers using Intel processors, the company will announce Monday.

The new products aim to make it easier for computer makers to bolt together hardware without spending as much money on engineering. Although processors are Intel's biggest revenue source, the chipmaker also sells computer subsystems.

The new building blocks coming Monday are for making servers, networked computers that are more powerful and often more reliable than average desktop computers. The building blocks include several motherboards--the electronics boards on to which processors, memory and other components are attached.

Intel also is releasing a chassis into which those motherboards and other components are bolted. Finally, the company will release bare-bones systems that require the addition of processors, memory and hard drives to become functioning systems.

The building blocks are used by numerous Intel customers, from tiny mom-and-pop shops to the largest computer makers, said Phil Brace, marketing director of Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Solutions Division.

News source: Cnet

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