LG reveals a 111-inch, double-sided, wave-shaped, ultra-high-res OLED TV

A few weeks ago, LG signalled its intentions to become a world leader in OLED technology, with plans to invest $8.5 billion over the next three years, focusing on large-screen TVs, commercial signage and displays, and flexible screens for mobile devices. LG has already spent huge sums developing its OLED efforts, and believes the time has come for the technology to outshine the ubiquitous LCD.

With the IFA consumer electronics trade show continuing in Berlin this week, LG seized the opportunity to show off a stunning OLED setpiece, in the form of a unique 111-inch display.

As you can see, the display is not only enormous, but also dual-curved in a 'wave' shape. But on top of this, it has a truly remarkable party trick: despite being just a few millimeters thick, the display is also dual-sided, making it possible to show completely different video on both sides at the same time.

But as you might have spotted, the 'wave' display isn't one seamless screen - it's actually made up of three of LG's ultra-thin, double-sided, 65-inch OLED panels, each of which features Ultra HD/4K resolution.

Dual-sided, Ultra HD resolution and unbelievably thin (image via Geek)

The company also showed off a 55-inch version of the dual-sided OLED, which is just 5.3mm-thick - but all of these giant panels remain prototypes for now. When they eventually make it to market, they will likely be targeted at business customers - e.g. for in-store displays, or signage in public areas.

But while there's no indication of when these displays will go on sale, or how much they will cost, they remain a bold statement about LG's ambitions in the OLED space.

Source: Mashable

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