LG to supply LCD displays to Samsung in 'early second half' of 2017

LG Display's CEO, Han Sang-Beom, has stated that LG will be providing LCD displays to its hometown rival, Samsung. While the deal may appear strange to some, it is worth noting that it isn't the first time two tech giants have collaborated to supply hardware components to each other. Samsung has been a major supplier of display panels for Apple devices.

That said, the deal is rather interesting keeping in view that both Samsung and LG are head-quartered in the same country.

According to reports, negotiations between the two South Korean companies have been rumored ever since Samsung's previous LCD panel supplier, Sharp, notified the company of a supply cut late last year. And while Han did not go into the particulars of the new deal or the supply schedule of these LCD panels, the executive did hint that supply could begin in the "early second half" of 2017:

Nothing has been set in stone, regarding the supply schedule. I can’t give the exact time frame but it will be safe to say the supply can take place in the early second half.

In addition, the report goes on to claim that Samsung has also decided to increase the supply from its own affiliate, Samsung Display, as well as other companies, including LG. Other firms who previously fulfilled their requirement of display panels from Samsung Display, are now reportedly leaning towards LG as well.

Source: The Investor via Android Authority

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