Logitech announces a new wireless charger for the current iPhones

There's no shortage of wireless charging options out there, but if you want something designed for your iPhone and can't wait for the upcoming AirPower, Logitech's latest announcement may be for you.

The Logitech POWERED is a wireless charging stand designed for current-generation iPhones - since they're the first of their kind to support the technology -, allowing you to use your device in both landscape and portrait mode while it is being charged. It features a U-shaped cradle that nestles your phone so you can use it without having to hold it, and it works even if the iPhone is in a protective case up to three millimeters thick. There's also built-in overheating protection to prevent damage.

Being a Qi wireless charger, the POWERED will technically also work with any other smartphone equipped with the same technology, but it's optimized for Apple's devices. That means that while the iPhones will get 7.5W charging from it, other phones will be limited to a rather sluggish 5W. In theory, the charger should also work with the upcoming iPhone models, but it's unknown whether it'll provide the full 7.5W or treat them as any other Qi-enabled phone.

The Logitech POWERED wireless charger will be available in a single white variant, at least for now, and it will launch later this month for $69.99 either on Logitech's own website or in Apple stores.

Source: Logitech via MSPU

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