Microsoft and Adobe partner to share marketing and sales data

There was a time when Adobe banded together with other firms in an anti-trust EU case against Microsoft. But for the past couple of years, the two companies have been experiencing a rather welcome patch of friendly relations.

Late last year, Adobe and Microsoft teamed up to bring Creative Cloud to Azure, and just a few months ago, the public beta for Adobe XD was launched for Windows 10 as well. Now, the companies have partnered to share marketing and sales data.

A photo of Microsoft and Adobe executives on-stage at Ignite 2016 conference

Reuters reports that Microsoft and Adobe have teamed up to provide competition to other firms such as Salesforce and Oracle. In Adobe's annual user conference, the company announced that it is jointly working with Microsoft to create a shared data format between Microsoft Dynamics and Adobe's marketing software suite.

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the cloud and enterprise division at Microsoft, had the following to say about the partnership:

It’s going to enable customers to go beyond the current (software) silos they have to navigate today.

The move is an important step for Microsoft which seems to be focusing heavily on the business sector lately. The shared sales and marketing data will allow the Redmond giant - as well as Adobe - to provide better services to their customers. The two companies are expected to make further announcements at the Build 2017 conference in May.

Source: Reuters

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