Microsoft announces tablet OS dubbed Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Compact 7

In keeping with their tradition of confusingly long names for portable products (remember Windows Phone 7 Series?), Microsoft has announced their intentions of bringing Windows 7 to the tablet, as well as other handheld devices. Announced at Computex, Windows Embedded Compact 7, according to jkOnTheRun, will be a "compartmentalized version of Windows 7 that can be embedded at the hardware level."

Apparently, this flavor of the Windows operating system is primed with a multitouch interface that supports panning and pinch to zoom. Not only that, but Microsoft says that it will run the full desktop browser experience, Flash, Silverlight, and all. It will also feature seamless integration with Windows 7. Microsoft will be pumping this new OS out to the market at an accelerated pace.

A Public Community Technology Preview has been made available on Microsoft's website. Videos showcasing the operating system's connected experiences, rich user experiences, and platform reliability are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Below are the features Microsoft is promoting (quoted directly from their site):

Seamless connectivity
Get the technologies you need to seamlessly connect to rich media, online services, Windows PCs, smartphones, and other handheld devices.

Connect and consume rich media

  • Simplify media management with new Media Library
  • Richer media streaming with updated MPEG-4 and HD support
  • Flexible plugin architecture to support third-party content

Seamless connection to Microsoft Windows 7

  • Simplify device management with integrated Windows Device Stage
  • Synchronize data and media with support for MTP

Connect to Office and personal information

  • Updated Office viewers
  • Updated AirSync and Microsoft Exchange support
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