Microsoft backs FCC vote, happy about net neutrality rules

Earlier today, the FCC took the bold steps to classify broadband under Title II and to create net neutrality rules. The new 'bright line' rules, as the FCC calls them, makes sure that broadband is free of roadblocks, fast lanes and allows local municipalities to create their own broadband services to compete with ISPs.

The steps were not without controversy, and it is heavily expected that Verizon and other ISPs will soon file legal action against the ruling. What this means is that the fight for net neutrality is far from over, but for now, the FCC has won its battle against the ISPs.

To little surprise, Microsoft has come out in favor of the ruling and released the following statement:

We applaud the FCC’s decision to preserve the fundamentally open nature of the Internet and look forward to reading the Order and rules.

Microsoft relies on broadband connectivity for many of its consumer services like Skype, Xbox Live, OneDrive and several others. Because of today's ruling, ISPs cannot force Microsoft to pay for 'fast lanes' to prioritize these services for their customers.

We will likely see many other companies react to the announcement as it has a profound impact on the future of broadband in the US.

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