Microsoft confirms users can still access and share OneDrive files after subscription expires

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular, as the cost of storage continues to fall, and as users become more accustomed to accessing their files from multiple devices. Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the better cloud platforms out there, particularly when it comes to value for money.

All users who sign up to OneDrive now get 15GB of free storage, and further storage can be inexpensively added on an annual subscription basis. But if you get an Office 365 subscription – from as little as $69.99 a year – you’ll get unlimited OneDrive storage included in the price. Given that you can now pick up a free Office 365 sub with many ultra-affordable Windows tablets and notebooks these days, Microsoft’s cloud solution clearly offers great value.

But what happens when your OneDrive subscription runs out? Does Microsoft instantly delete all of your files? Do you have to pay more money to be able to access your data?

TechRadar contacted Microsoft for a bit of clarification on this, asking if the files stored on OneDrive remain there indefinitely. Microsoft explained that after your subscription expires, “you’ll still be able to view, share and download files, but you won’t be able to upload files until you buy more storage”.

Presumably, you also won’t be able to share new versions of existing files once your sub lapses, but as Microsoft says, you will still be able to access all of your files on OneDrive even after you stop paying for your storage subscription, which of course means that you can later download your files and delete them from OneDrive if desired.

Source: TechRadar

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