Microsoft Flight Simulator introduces its first, highly-complex add-on aircraft

The Aerosoft CRJ 550700 flying in the air with the white sky behind it

Since Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in August, the title's developer - Asobo Studio - has released a flurry of updates, aimed both at introduction of new content, as well as the fixing of technical issues that crop up. The latter includes a severe performance degradation problem that is still being investigated by the team, as per its latest update a few days back.

Today, however, the focus is on new content, as Microsoft and Asobo Studio have released the first, highly-complex aircraft for the title as an add-on, in collaboration with Aerosoft.

The Aerosoft CRJ aircraft is released in two variants, the CRJ 550 and the CRJ 700. Boasting a capacity of 50-100 passengers, the jets exhibit a three-cabin layout. Microsoft has noted that these planes are best-suited to hobbyist airplane pilots as their routes primarily consist of flights that are less than three hours in duration. They are famously known for their low operating costs, efficiency, and safety.

Furthermore, the immense detail to which the aircraft has been implemented has especially been highlighted. The cockpit, for example, is said to feature nearly all systems that are operational in its real-life counterpart, such as the Flight Management System (FMS), the electronic Flight Bag and the Head-up Guidance System (HGS). Microsoft believes that the development of a complex aircraft at such a minute level of detail is a great portrayal of the capabilities of the Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK.

The CRJ 550/700 is available through the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-game marketplace, as well as through Aerosoft's official website for approximately $50 (€42). The CRJ 900/1000 will be made available at a later date as the next add-on in this series of releases.

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