Microsoft open-source NT: Linux's nemesis?

Munir Kotadia: Microsoft has killed off Windows NT, but it should now release its source code to the open-source community in order to fight off the challenge from Linux.

On 30 June, 2003, Microsoft withdrew support for Windows New Technology (NT). Windows NT users no longer have the right to download updates to Internet Explorer and will not get a patch when new security vulnerabilities are discovered in this version of Microsoft's operating system.

Very few companies are still using NT on critical systems, so the withdrawal of support is unlikely generate any real anger or resentment. However, now that NT has been retired, what is Microsoft going to do with the ageing operating system's source code? There will not be any new applications created for it, and it's difficult to display software in a museum or gallery. So after spending so many billions on development, what will happen? I can't imagine the code will be simply deleted.

However much the software giant would like us to forget that NT ever existed -- and push everyone into a Windows Server 2003 upgrade -- there are thousands of developers out there who would love to have the opportunity to turn the ageing OS into a masterpiece. So why not let them have a go by releasing NT 4.0's source code into the open-source community?

News source: ZDNet |UK|

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