Microsoft plans to keep an (official) lid on Windows Phone update news

We know that Microsoft is working on the next version of its Windows Phone operating system. It's also admitted, at least in job listing, that it is targeting a launch by the holiday 2013 sales period. So when will we learn the first official details about the next major update? According to a Microsoft exec, it won't be for a while. spoke with Greg Sullivan, senior product manager of Windows Phone, at the Mobile World Congress last week and stated, "We are taking a different approach on the announcements this year." While Microsoft announced some details for Windows Phone 8 at last year's MWC, Sullivan said the company will be holding back on details for the next update until a later time.

That's mainly because sales of Windows Phone 8 products are doing much better than previous versions. He claims that people are now three times as likely to enter a mobile phone store to ask for a Windows Phone device and they are four times as likely to walk out of a store with a Windows Phone in their hands.

Sullivan also confirmed there will be some kind of upgrade path for Windows Phone 8 owners, adding, "Windows Phone 8 can evolve. We have an architecture that enables portability and is fundamentally hardware independent." Exactly what that upgrade path will be is something the company is not talking about.


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