Microsoft releases a series of videos from this week's Shanghai event

Yesterday, Microsoft held an event in Shanghai, China, where it made a number of announcements. The firm is bringing its Surface Studio and Surface Laptop to the country, its globally launching a new Surface Pro, and there's a new version of Windows 10 that's made for the Chinese government.

But if you tried to tune into the announcement, you'd have had some trouble. The only livestream was translated to Chinese, making it hard to hear the English-speaking presenters, and the official live blog wasn't updated for hours.

Luckily, today the company released a number of videos from the event; fortunately, they're in English. Here, you can watch Microsoft announce Windows 10 China Government Edition:

It also announced that the upcoming Project Scorpio console will be coming to China later this year:

HoloLens also began shipping in the country, something that has been listed in the Microsoft Store for weeks.

But the big news, of course, was the announcement of the new Surface Pro, which has a new hinge, a fanless design in the Core i5 model, and an upcoming LTE variant. You can watch the video from that announcement right here.

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