Microsoft's 'Leap Experience Pioneers' team reveals itself; starts hiring

Microsoft’s internal development team Leap Experience Pioneers, LXP, has finally revealed its website and is looking to hire talented people. What exactly is LXP? Read on to find out.

The Leap Experience Pioneers is a somewhat secretive team inside Microsoft, thought to be an in-house game development studio. They’re part of Microsoft Studios and were also part of team that developed Kinect.

The team itself has been inside Microsoft for a long time now, but they seem to be establishing a much more coherent identity for themselves. When the trademark for LXP was filled, a NeoGaf user managed to prove a link between the team and a design firm called Territory Studio, which corroborate the fact that LXP is a game studio.

Right now the LXP team is hiring “the most talented and most creative people in the world” with the aim of creating “far future experiences, for inventive hardware”.

With the recent deemphasis of the Kinect hardware, the LXP team may prove to be Microsoft’s way of keeping the hardware around and even making it more relevant for end-users. The most intriguing part of this is the team’s focus on hardware; they’re actually hiring in this domain, and they may be the ones responsible for future new experiences coming to Microsoft’s platforms.

Until more info comes to light we’ll leave you with the team’s video (above), highlighting their fun work days inside of Microsoft.

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