Microsoft's shuttering its @shotonmylumia Instagram account, merging with @MicrosoftLumia

There's no doubt that last year was a tough one from Microsoft's Windows phones. Following the massive scaling back of its mobile hardware business - and the resulting crash in its handset sales - Microsoft has been reducing its Lumia-related presence nearly everywhere; it even shut down its regional Lumia support accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. In fact, just last week, we also reported that the company is no longer selling any Lumia Windows phones on its US stores.

Now, it appears that another Microsoft social media account is getting the axe.

Microsoft's @shotonmylumia Instagram is getting shuttered as well. The company states that:

Our Instagram account will soon be @MicrosoftLumia. Don't worry, you don't need to do anything and you'll still get beautiful images shot on a #Lumia straight to your feed. This is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family.

This is very similar to the statements made by the regional Lumia accounts before they were shut down and merged with Microsoft's main Twitter account as well.

While it is not yet clear when the account will officially close, it is likely to happen soon, as followers transition to the @MicrosoftLumia account.

The @shotonmylumia account was quite popular among Instagram users with over 24,000 followers. It regularly posted photos taken by users with their Lumia devices in an effort to showcase the image capturing capabilities of the handsets.

While this move may annoy some Windows phone users, it's understandable as Microsoft ends the Lumia brand, and transitions to the familiar "Surface" branding. The company's long-rumored Surface Phone is likely to make an appearance this year or the next, and could feature full Windows 10 and x86 desktop applications, powered by a Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Source: Microsoft via MSPoweruser

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