Middle Earth: Shadow of War gets a new online mode in addition to Vendetta mode

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor featured a very rich questing system; including one where you could avenge your fallen brothers in the land of Mordor, by finding and assassinating the perpetrator. During a recent press trip to Seattle, the guys over at Eurogamer got to see what the sequel will be like for those who enjoy online experiences as mentioned above.

Monolith showcased the return of the original Vendetta mode that was found in Shadow of Mordor which launched in 2014. However, this mode will be a more fleshed-out experience than the one found in its predecessor. According to the developer, Shadow of War will require you to complete a quest before you can take on the Nemesis of your fallen comrade instead of just tracking them down. Battles within this mode will be comparable to War Chief confrontations; and once you do succeed, you will be rewarded with a 'Vendetta Loot Crate' and the person being avenged will also get some spoils to enjoy.

Beyond the return of an old favorite, the game will introduce a new mode called 'Social Conquest'. This will allow players to set up fortifications within the game, with several of their best Captains and armies to defend it. This is then made available to other players, so they can attempt to capture your fort. In the basic online mode, your Captains will remain safe if they were killed during a raid by someone else. You can also take on these challenges set by other players, and see just how effective your followers are in battle.

If you feel like taking a risk, you can attempt to play these in the 'Ranked' mode, and accumulate more points if you are successful. But this mode will have one drawback, your Captains will be lost if they fall on the battlefield. Successfully completing a raid in one of these matches will earn you additional loot crates as well amongst other spoils. You will also feature on an online Scoreboard, where you can fight to be the best Warlord in the world.

Late last week, Monolith explained the in-game micro transaction model for Shadow of War, which drew some ire from the community. The game will feature an in-game currency called 'Gold', which you can earn by completing specific quests, and then use to purchase loot crates. However, the developer did note that gamers can purchase this currency with real-world money if they wished. Loot Crates will offer gamers new weapons and armor, amongst other items.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 10.

Source: Eurogamer

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