Most internet pirates say they would pay for content and CoreData conducted a survey about illegal downloads, the survey got over 7000 responses and found that the majority of people would pay for things they download illegally if it was made available for the right price.

The study found that users who typically download movies would be willing to pay the most, up to $10, if it was made available in a format that they could use how they wanted. While the majority of music downloaders were only willing to pay 50 cents.

Australian Pirate Party president David Crafti says, "People aren't just looking for a free ride. They're living in the modern world and expecting business models to keep up with them."

"They just want to know that they've got the data, they can watch it whenever they want, on whatever device they want, they can watch it three months later, or a year later, and not have any time limitations."

Neil Gane executive director of anti-piracy group Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft responded to the survey as well saying, "This is something that consumers obviously want, and it's something that legitimate businesses are striving for."

"Movie industries obviously want to make their content available online, but they can't compete currently with a free alternative that's perpetrated through theft. "Once there is a level playing field, I think you'll begin to see a lot more flexible, innovative business models."

Mr. Gane also said that they prices that users think are reasonable are unrealistic for the music and film industry.

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