Opera's free VPN now available to all with latest browser upgrade

The latest stable version of the Opera browser has been upgraded to bring some new features. Opera v40, comes with the company’s much touted free VPN.

Earlier this year Opera raised a few eyebrows when it announced it would be focusing on privacy and security by offering its users a free virtual private network (VPN) integrated directly into its browser. At the time the company put out a beta version of the browser which featured a VPN toggle.

Last month the company took another step forward and offered its VPN functionality as an app on Android. Now fast forward to today, and everyone gets to use the feature for free with the latest stable release.

The VPN function is very convenient and easy to use, allowing users to mask their browser through servers in the US, Canada, Singapore, Germany, France and more. Here’s how to enable it: hit the settings menu in the top left window of the browser, head to Privacy and Security and there you’ll find the option to enable a quick toggle for VPN. Afterwards a convenient button will be placed in the browser tool bar, allowing quick access.

With that, you’ll also see a data graph showing how much of your traffic went through the VPN, as well as the location that your VPN is currently using. By default, this will be set to “optimal connection” though you can change that manually.

You can learn a bit more about the feature and download Opera’s browser at the source link below.

Source: Opera

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