OPPO joins the Wireless Power Consortium suggesting a future device with QI wireless charging

OPPO has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which has developed the QI wireless charging standard used by all the large smartphone OEMs including Apple and Samsung, with latter having also built in a wireless charging base into some of their monitors. It is unclear when OPPO joined the WPC, however, XDA Developers could not a find any reference to there addition in the annals of Google history, although WPC later confirmed to Charger Lab that they had joined recently.

Given the addition of OPPO to the WPC, it is reasonable to expect an upcoming OPPO phone will have the standard built-in as OEMs usually join months before including the technology in a new phone. As OPPO and OnePlus often share technologies, it is also possible that the next OnePlus device (read OnePlus 7) will also include wireless charging. OPPO filed a patent for a fast 15W wireless charger last year, so we may see the inclusion of some very fast wireless charging in the new devices.

Currently, wireless charging is missing from all OPPO devices and OnePlus devices to the chagrin of many. However, consumers may have one less reason to snub the new devices now.

Source: Charger Lab

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