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30 January 2018
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Lecturer in science with a strong background in cancer research. Technology has always been a part of my life from a young age and this stems from a love of video games. I still enjoy playing all the latest games and from time to time dabble in a more retro game. Although never taking up electronics, computer science or physics in academia, I have always kept them as a hobby and have learnt a significant amount from reading around the subject. I have spent countless hours delving into the many realms of computer science, from building and fixing desktop PCs and laptops to developing a few applications and building custom ROMs. At the same time, I have read a considerable amount on the inner workings of CPUs and GPUs, and about the underlying architectures, how they differ, the benefits and disadvantages of each and developments in the field. Further, I follow unique developments of the use of often bespoke technologies in the field of research and in particular biology.

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