PHP 5.0.2

PHP Development Team is proud to announce the immediate release of PHP 5.0.2. This is a maintenance release that in addition to many non-critical bug fixes, addresses a problem with GPC input processing. All Users of PHP 5 are encouraged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.


  • Added new boolean (fourth) parameter to array_slice() that turns on the preservation of keys in the returned array. (Derick)

  • Added the sorting flag SORT_LOCALE_STRING to the sort() functions which makes them sort based on the current locale. (Derick)

  • Added interface_exists() and make class_exists() only return true for real classes. (Andrey)

  • Added PHP_EOL constant that contains the OS way of representing newlines. (Paul Hudson, Derick)

  • Implemented periodic PCRE compiled regexp cache cleanup, to avoid memory exhaustion. (Andrei)

  • Renamed SoapClient->__call() to SoapClinet->__soapCall(). (Dmitry)

  • Fixed bug with raw_post_data not getting set (Brian)

  • etc...
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