Pictures taken with Galaxy Nexus successor leak

Photographs taken with a Samsung device with model number "GT-i9260" were posted to image sharing service Picasa, prompting eagle-eyed enthusiasts to speculate that the pictures were taken with the rumored Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2.

Samsung does not use code-names for its hardware, and instead sticks with model numbers for developing smartphones and tablets. The current Galaxy Nexus, released almost a year ago, was model number GT-i9250. The model number of the Samsung GT-i9260 device is visible in the EXIF data of the photographs, and follows the model number progression that Samsung has used in the past for new hardware.

The photographs were not taken at full resolution, so the rumored 8 megapixel camera upgrade in the next Galaxy Nexus is still just a rumor. The EXIF data does reveal that the pictures were taken with a similar aperture and focal length to that of the Galaxy SII, so it's possible this new mystery device shares the same camera as that model.

Unfortunately, the content of the pictures is pretty boring and doesn't reveal any further secrets. The most interesting picture shows the corner of a spreadsheet containing Bluetooth specifications for an unknown device, but not much else can be gleaned.

Source: GSM Arena
Image Source: GSM Arena

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