Microsoft Exchange infographic shows increased cloud usage

Today, for the first time in 10 years, Microsoft kicked off the first day in the three day Microsoft Exchange Conference in Orlando, Florida. IT workers from all over the world will get a chance to chat with the people who work on the email server program at MEC 2012; Microsoft also released some new information today about how large businesses use email.

Microsoft offered up the information in the form of an infographic, with data taken from a study of 450 IT professionals. According to the poll, only 34 percent of business employees are using an exclusive on-site based solution for their email communications. However, 64 percent are now using a combination of on-site and cloud-based solutions. So far, just three percent of workers are exclusively cloud-based for their business communications.

In a new post on the Office Next blog, Microsoft said that email security was also a major concern among big corporations. The company said that its Exchange Online Protection will be able to keep sensitive emails secure in a cloud-based format. It states:

Microsoft security researchers constantly monitor spam, phishing, malware, and network attacks globally and update Exchange Online Protection to protect against them. Exchange Online Protection uses a sophisticated multi-engine malware detection approach to catch viruses and spam messages before they are delivered. Even the most security-conscious companies would find it difficult to maintain the level of security vigilance, innovation, and virtually unlimited scalability Exchange Online Protection provides.

Microsoft is expected to launch Exchange Server 2013, along with its cloud-based Exchange Online, sometime in early 2013 around the time for the launch of Office 2013.

Source: Microsoft press release | Image via Microsoft

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