PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One in US during August

Despite Microsoft dropping the starting price of its Xbox One console to $399 in June, it has yet to beat the PlayStation 4 in monthly sales since the move. August has proven no different, as the PS4 came out on top yet again.

While overall sales have continued to be greater than its predecessor in its first nine months, the Xbox One has struggled to rule in the U.S. market for the current generation.  By comparison, the Xbox 360 ran the tables as sales king in the U.S. month after month prior to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles hitting store shelves. Reports show that there has been an overall sales increase of 70 percent over each of the previous console generation, so there is some good news for gaming as a whole.

Throughout the month of September, Microsoft will roll the Xbox One out to several new markets, opening up availability in places where the PS4 was the only next-gen console available. Whether wider availability helps Microsoft respond to Sony dominance at this point in time remains to be seen.  With the release of potential blockbusters exclusives such as "Sunset Overdrive" and "Halo: The Master Chief Collection," Microsoft could recapture some much-needed momentum and spur heavy sales this holiday season.  Acquiring studios such as Mojang, creators of "Minecraft," would also be beneficial in further driving interest in the Xbox platform, but buying the way to the top seems a bit far-fetched.

Source: Yahoo! Games, Gamespot | Image via Microsoft

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