Prey: Typhon Hunter update lands next week carrying multiplayer and VR modes

The Typhon Hunter update that was promised to Prey fans during E3 earlier this year finally has a confirmed release date, with Bethesda announcing today that it will land next week on December 11. The free new content will only be available to those who own the game's Mooncrash expansion, however.

Following the update, in addition to the acclaimed single-player campaign, Prey players will have access to a multiplayer mode and a separate VR prequel campaign.

The new multiplayer Typhon Hunter mode will be familiar to those who used to play Prop Hunt in Garry's Mod. One player takes the role of Morgan Yu while five others, as Mimics, must hide as mundane (or not) objects in various Talos I locations. Morgan has to find and kill the disguised Mimics before the timer runs out.

Meanwhile, the VR campaign has the player taking the role of multiple TranStar employees before the station was taken over. Each scenario will have their own objectives and puzzles to go through, serving as an "escape-room-style" experience. This mode will also have a "TranStar Museum" for players to explore in VR, featuring props from the game and an in-universe interactive tour about TranStar and Talos I.

Moreover, the developer is working on a VR version of the Typhon Hunter mode as well, which is planned for early 2019 as another free update. As expected, Xbox One players will get access to the regular Typhon Hunter mode, but both VR modes will only be available for PC and PSVR users.

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