Review shows Intel Arc A380 is beaten by AMD RX 6400 and Nvidia GTX 1650

Intel Arc A380 China launch

Last week, Intel finally released its much anticipated Arc A380 desktop GPU, which is the first discrete graphics card from Intel with its gaming-focused Xe HPG architecture. The A380 claims to offer up to 25% better value than the AMD RX 6400 and according to Intel, it is good enough for 60+fps in most of the popular titles.

Intel Arc A380 China launch
60+ fps gaming

The Arc desktop cards are currently available only in China, and as such, a Chinese reviewer took the card for a test run in order to see how well it measures up against AMD's RX 6400 and Nvidia GTX 1650. The Arc A380 Photon variant from Intel's AIB partner Gunnir was tested.

The card does excellent in 3DMark Time Spy, which is a synthetic DirectX 12 benchmark. It also beats the Navi 24 RX 6400 and 6500 XT in the ray-tracing Port Royal benchmark, though this was to be expected as the Navi 24 GPU has a really low amount of Infinity Cache with just 16MB. Here, the RTX 3050 blows everything away but it is also in a completely different price bracket compared to the Arc A380 and the RX 6400/6500 XT.

Gunnir Arc A380 review
Gunnir Arc A380 review

However, synthetic benchmarks is where the fun ends for the new Arc A380. In actual game tests, it looks like the A380 is beaten by both the RX 6400 as well as the Nvidia GTX 1650. The tested games are League of Legends, PUBG, GTA V, Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, three titles from DX11, two for DX12 and one for Vulkan.

Gunnir Arc A380 review

Bear in mind though that the test platform here is a PCIe 4.0-capable TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 motherboard. This means on a different system which is PCIe 3.0 only, the 6400 probably won't enjoy the performance lead that it does here as it comes with only four lanes of PCIe (x4).

Source and images: Shenmedounengce (Bilibili) via Olrak (Twitter), Wild_C (Twitter)

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