Sea of Thieves' first Gold and Glory weekend offers greatly boosted loot rewards

Rare's pirate adventure title Sea of Thieves is nearing its first birthday, and the studio has decided to celebrate with its first ever Gold and Glory weekend event, promising great rewards for players that fulfill their pirate duties.

Starting on March 15 at 11am GMT and running for three days until March 18, the Gold and Glory weekend will bump up the amount of gold and reputation players earn through turning in loot by an unspecified but drastic amount. This applies to all of the loot that the standard trading companies accept, "chests, skulls and other trade goods," giving a great opportunity for those chasing the Pirate Legend moniker.

Sadly, the announcement's wording suggests that Athena's Chest of Legends won't be part of the festivities. However, Rare said it has something special planned for players who reach Pirate Legend before March 20, the game's first anniversary, which is also when the studio will reveal details about the upcoming Mega Update to Sea of Thieves, something it has been teasing for months now.

Meanwhile, the studio also kicked off the revamped Pioneers Insider Program recently, a test client that any player can now opt in to for trying out "exciting new features early." It is still under NDA, however, so Sea of Thieves Insiders are restricted from openly discussing or showing anything that they discover in the test client.

As rewards for helping the developer, consistent Insider participants will be receiving gold, doubloon, and exclusive cosmetics for use in the main client. Those interested in joining can head over here to sign up and jump in immediately.

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