Skyfire for iOS sold out; temporarily removed from App Store

Skyfire, the iOS lost link between your device and Flash content has sold so well that the developers actually had to temporarily pull it from the App Store so they could regain their bearings. 

Within just five hours of the Skyfire browser being available on the App Store, it already became the Top Grossing iPhone app. This actually came as somewhat of a surprise to Skyfire who said in a blog post that the success was too much for their servers and they had to mark the application "Sold Out" until they can accommodate such a demand.

Skyfire allows users to view Flash videos by having the Flash video sent to Skyfire's servers where it is transcoded and then streamed back to your iOS device in a friendly HTML5 format. Unfortunately, this method all runs the risk of a server overload if too many people are using the Flash video feature and that is exactly what happened. Do note that this is really the only App Store approved way of loading Flash content as this isn't a Flash interpreter on an iPhone, but instead a client that sends off a video and receives HTML5.

The company is currently working hard to supply users with enough processing power to go around, but until then the app will remain off of the App Store. Surprisingly this wasn't a spur of the moment pull by Apple, but instead purely by Skyfire to help ensure their product would only be the best. 

In those first five hours, Skyfire rocketed up on the charts as Top Grossing iPhone App, top application in the Utilities category, and the third most paid for app on the iPhone. As time went on their servers were strained which caused degration of videos causing Skyfire to put a hold on purchases so they may fix the issue.

As soon as Skyfire can increase their server capacity to acceptable levels the popular app will be available for purchase once again on the App Store.

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