Some iPhone X orders brought forward for launch day delivery

Apple's iPhone X pre-orders started last week and while the stock was not plentiful, the process was relatively smooth when it came to ordering from the firm through its online portal. The following morning, ordering the handset from Apple would result in customers having to wait five to six weeks for delivery. But, it now appears that some orders are getting bumped up, with dates that were originally scheduled to arrive during the second or third week of November getting pushed up to the release day of November 3.

It is unknown at the moment how many orders are affected and what dates are being shifted but it does appear that there are adjustments being made to some projected delivery dates and for the better. Whether this is due to customers canceling their pre-orders or a larger than expected amount of stock becoming available earlier than anticipated is unknown.

While the backlog of orders for the iPhone X is now running into December, there is the possibility of securing one sooner by heading to a physical Apple Store on November 3. The company has stated that they will have them in stock in limited numbers. This tactic might also bear fruit at wireless carriers.

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