Nintendo estimates Super Mario Odyssey sold two million units

The Nintendo Switch has been a force to be reckoned with this year after launching in March. Since then, the hybrid console has managed to push over seven million units worldwide according to Nintendo, and games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continued on this success with stellar uptake.

But it would seem that Nintendo isn't resting on its laurels, announcing at its Financial briefing today, that the recently released Super Mario Odyssey managed to bring home some great numbers too:

"While about 7 million units of Nintendo Switch hardware have been delivered into the hands of our consumers around the world, we estimate that the global sell through of Super Mario Odyssey has already exceeded 2 million units in just its first 3 days. The holiday sales season will soon go into full swing, and we plan to make more Nintendo Switch systems available in the market. We will endeavor to further increase the number of consumers who want to purchase Super Mario Odyssey, and eventually, we would like the game to be seen as an evergreen title that has longevity in the market beyond this holiday season."

Super Mario Odyssey launched worldwide on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch. It received some excellent reviews, making it the highest scored game on Metacritic with an average of 97, ousting the previous champion The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although the game didn't manage to outsell Assassin's Creed: Origins during its launch week in the UK, GFK Chart-Track did note that it was the biggest ever launch for a Switch title, and considerably larger than any game that launched on the Nintendo WiiU.

Nintendo recently announced that it expects the hybrid console to ship 14 million units worldwide during the March 2018 financial year, handily beating the Nintendo WiiU which had sold roughly the same, but over five years.

Source: Nintendo Life | Image via Dorkly

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