Sony finally overtakes Nintendo in console sales

For the first time in 8 years, Sony has finally dethroned Nintendo. In fiscal year 2013, Sony sold 18.7 million game consoles to Nintendos 16.3 million -- a difference of nearly 2 and a half million console units, and a huge bump in sales figures from 2012 where console sales across all platforms dropped 27 percent.  

The landmark comes after fledgling sales from the Nintendo Wii U, which bombed heavily upon initial release. Lack of interest from consumers ultimately led Nintendo to slash their sales figures for 2014 from 9 million units to 2.8 million, and while Nintendo has coasted off the sales figures from their handheld devices like the Nintendo 3DS, Sony has finally edged them out. 

With 7 million PS4 units sold worldwide as of April 6th, Sony is gaining a strong foothold in the console gaming industry, and inching closer and closer to Microsofts fledgling lead. But despite surpassing Nintendo, the sales still arent working in their favor; in fiscal year 2013, Sony reported a net loss of $1.25 billion. The majority of the sales deficit came from Sonys struggling PC business, but even console sales rivaling those of Microsofts Xbox One didnt help them turn a profit.

Nintendo isnt much better off, and while they still have a dedicated fanbase, the company is in the same boat as Sony. Nintendo reported a net loss of $229 million in fiscal year 2013, and their damaging console sales in early 2014 havent helped. While Sony and Microsoft are on the up-and-up, an increasingly bored market and a lack of attention for Nintendos home consoles could eventually be a death knell for the company if they dont take steps to improve.

Source: NikkeiImages via Shutterstock - Sony store in Beijing,

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