Steve Jobs Apple silhouette logo not entirely original

Last week, the image of Apple's logo redesigned to show the silhouette of its founder Steve Jobs became a huge viral hit on the Internet. Apple fans mourned the passing of Jobs at the age of 56 by posting the image on their Twitter pages, web sites and Facebook pages. Now the creator of the image, 19 year old Hong Kong student Jonathan Mak, has admitted to Reuters that the idea behind the image wasn't entirely original.

Mak first created his version of the Apple logo in August when Jobs stepped down as CEO. But a U.K.-based designer, who is only known as "Raid7", apparently created his own version of the Apple logo with Jobs' silhouette replacing the bite back in May. Mak's version does looks different than the one created by "Raid7". Mak denies that he lifted his design from "Raid7", saying, "I still arrived at the solution on my own, and my conscience is still clear, but I'm more than happy to acknowledge the fact that somebody did it before me."

Regardless of who was the first who came up with the idea of putting Jobs' image in the Apple logo, it is Mak's version that has generated the media attention. The redesign has also been used by some people to sell caps and t-shirts on eBay. Last week Mak said that he was "both excited and terrified" about all the attention his version of the Apple logo has generated on the Internet. He claimed to have even received a job offer due to the logo redesign.

Image via Apple/Jonathan Mak

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