Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched late last year and it's one of Nintendo's most successful titles on the Switch hybrid console. With two DLC characters already released earlier in the year, the company today revealed that Banjo Kazooie, a character owned by Microsoft's Rare studio, will be available as a DLC character for the game later today. Its addition was first announced back at E3.

But that's not all the news for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo also announced that Terry Bogard, protagonist of the Fatal Fury franchise, will be joining the roster as the fourth DLC character in November. In addition to Fatal Fury, Terry Bogard has been in other SNK titles such as the King of Fighters franchise, and has appeared in other crossover games involving SNK.

Up until now, every DLC character released is part of the Fighters Pass, which Nintendo announced before the game even came out. The Fighters Pass is set to include five characters, and with Terry Bogard's reveal, there's only one left.

However, Nintendo also announced today that it will be bringing more DLC characters to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beyond the Fighters Pass. It's currently unclear if a separate pass will be available or if they will have to be purchased individually. Nonetheless, it's clear that the company is banking on the success of the title with monetization strategies for 2019 and beyond.

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