The Harlem Shake meme infects Microsoft and Intel

It's only been a couple of weeks since the Harlem Shake YouTube video went live, but since then the clip of a person dancing to an obscure 1980s dance track that's later joined by a ton of other people has become the latest Internet meme to go viral.

YouTube's Trends blog states that since the original video was posted on January 30th, there have been over 40,000 videos posted with "Harlem Shake" in the title that have generated a total of 175 million views as of February 14th.

One of those 40,000 videos comes from Intel, where we see a man (or woman; we can't tell) in one of those colorful outfits that we used to see in Intel TV commercials from several years ago dancing his (or her) heart out at an Intel campus. Naturally, the ex-Intel mascot is quickly joined by lots of other folks, most of which are in their own outfits.

Microsoft is apparently not immune to this newest Internet viral sensation. A new video shows Microsoft team members creating their own version of the dance at the UK's Sheffield University, where Microsoft stopped on a tour of various UK universities to show off Windows 8. The creator of the video, Mark Boss, actually filmed the clip with a Surface tablet.

While the video is technically not an official Microsoft clip, the official Windows Twitter page did post a link to the video, so we assume someone at Microsoft approves. We just hope that Harlem Shake will soon run its course.

Source: Windows 8 Harlem Shake

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