Titanfall 2's upcoming free DLC features the new Monarch Titan, a new map and more

Titanfall 2's monthly content drops continue on this month as well, with Respawn Entertainment detailing what is included in the upcoming free May DLC pack in a new blog post. As announced back in April, the new update, titled Monarch Reigns, will feature a brand new Titan, as well as a new map among other improvements.

While the action-packed trailer which the developer traditionally releases with these blog posts will sadly arrive slightly delayed on May 25, there are plenty of screenshots to tide us over until then.

First up is the new Monarch Titan, which is equipped with the unique ability to upgrade itself while in the battlefield. The Titan is said to give its pilots a choice of upgrade paths, where surviving until its most powerful final form is reached is the most optimal strategy. Moreover, the Titan can also draw energy from enemy Titans to recharge its shields, as well as shields of friendly Titans.

The Monarch

In lore, the Monarch is supposedly based on the formidable Vanguard-class Titans from the game's single-player campaign, but built with a focus on "flexibility through survival and support options, to serve many operational roles."

Next up is Relic, another fan favorite map from the original Titanfall, which arrives with a fresh coat of paint and further tweaks. The map takes place among the IMC Odyssey wreckage, which splits the map into two areas where Pilots and Titans can bump heads with each other. The map's gameplay is said to be focused on "assaulting and controlling the center and engaging in firefights from the great viewpoints of the ship against the varied defensible positions in the Town."

Meanwhile, the update will overhaul the game's existing Crashsite map, with many instances of difficult to traverse terrain where players would get "bumped, bonked, stuck or tripped up" being fixed up by the developer. Eight new zip lines and new wall running locations have also been added to make sure mobility around the map is virtually a non-issue.

The last two remaining Titans without Prime variations, Ronin and Tone, are finally receiving the premium skins with the update as well. In addition to the skins, new nose art, camouflages, and call signs will be available for purchase via the in-game store. Lastly, the developer teased a brand new execution which will make use of the cloak ability, titled Now You See Me, which will be demonstrated in the upcoming trailer.

The Monarch Reigns free DLC is scheduled to drop next week on May 30 for Titanfall 2, and it does not seem like this one will be its last, with Respawn Entertainment already promising a major balance update in the future.

Source and images: Respawn

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