Toshiba Denies Blu-ray

Contrary to our last report, heres an update on the joint venture by Sony & Toshiba to adopt a DVD standard. So disregard the post under this one, or disregard the one above it. Whichever suits you. Sources are confirmed respected news outlets, which makes it all the more weird having 2 conflicting news reports within the space of minutes!

Thanks OrangeSoul, who posted information on this update, in our BackPage News forum.

Sony and Toshiba have issued statements on today's Nihon Kiezai Shimbun report of a settlement in negotiations for a single high definition DVD standard. Both parties deny the report, which suggested that an agreement had been forged to adopt Sony's 0.1 millimeter Blu-ray disk technology and Toshiba's software technology for the new format.

News source: IGN

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